The purpose of this blog is to talk about the things we can control. To put ideas out there and learn from each other. If you're making a decision in a vacuum, luck is the only chance you have of making a good one. We tell people to research smart phones, car, computers, etc., before they buy. But we rarely talk about making sound financial decisions. We consider it rude to ask about income, savings, budgeting. Most parents don't even talk to their kids about these things. How can we expect anyone to make good financial decisions if no one talks about personal finances?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Baking the Budget's Blog Round-Up

I’d originally planned for this post to go up Monday, and then Wednesday, and then… Well, life got in the way this week, so my blog round up is a few days later than I’d intended. Still, that means there’s more great posts to choose from.
So, in case you’re wondering, here’s what I’ve been reading these past couple of weeks.

Student Edition (because my dear cousin, who has been staying with us for the summer, leaves to head back to college on Monday)
1) Brand new today, and ack, I say, ack – from Frugal Students, Say Goodbye to Subsidized Student Loans for Grad Students
2) Daily Money Shot talks about the costs of sororities in Go Greek or No Greek
4) Everything Finance tells us about a rally being held because Students Demand Credit and Debt Awareness
5) My University Money thinks you should Get Involved on Campus- The Benefits are Great  AND announces their first Scholarship Contest (great going guys!)
6) Bucking the trend (at least the trend here), Not Made of Money put up a guest post on Why Online Degrees are a Great Alternative to Traditional Universities

Did the World Go Crazy Edition
6) And in these crazy times, Step by Step Finance is wondering Is your emergency fund big enough?

Getting to Know my Summer Yakezie Group Members Better Edition
1) Brave New Life did a Popular Search Q&A for the search questions that bring people to his blog
2) The Power of Money is something Matt of Matt’s Money Blog is trying to explore
4) So not in my summer group, but a Yakezie member none the less, Squirrelers posted their entry in the 7 Links Project

3 More to Take me to an Even 20 Edition
1) Another Housewife talks about dealing with medical costs (and issues) in A $55 Sinus Infection
2) Virtual Travel Advisor gives you reasons to consider Travel Insurance – Yes or No?
3) Road Remedies has about the coolest job ever (travel writer – Classics majors are good for something) and shares her experiences on Cable Cars of the Colombias


  1. Thanks for including us, and make sure to check back frequently as we crank up the school-themed post for back to school-themed fun!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Working on paying it forward once my world stops spinning or I adapt to the dizziness of my new schedule ;)

  3. Thanks for including me in your roundup....really enjoying reading the blogs in our Yakezie Summer group!